Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Water Bottle Warning... this is NOT a joke

Friday, Oct 22, 2010, at 11:45 am, a first grader (Age 6), got her tongue stuck in a metal water bottle in the school cafeteria during lunch period at a grade school in Exton, PA. The water bottle, a popular style, was distributed to her and her entire swim team as a gift earlier in the year.

The combination of suction forces and a screw-top edge inside the mouth of the bottle prevented her tongue from becoming dislodged. She was immediately ambulanced to Paoli Hospital. As her tongue continued to remain stuck, it swelled to a dangerous level and became discolored, causing potential airway blockage and permanent damage to the tongue muscle. The doctors continued to ask if she had a history of asthma, which would further complicate the situation. She did not have a history of asthma. She was then transported by helicopter to Dupont Children’s Hospital. The bottle was removed during emergency surgery. She was sedated and subjected to intubation.

It is now the afternoon of Oct 23, and she continues to be on intubation until the swelling level subsides to a non-life-threatening size.

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