Thursday, June 24, 2010


The other night I just said forget it, forget everything. Not words you usually hear from me but, this was a positive thing. In between working all day, taking care of the house and three kids, school, running to soccer, baton competitions and parades, girl scouts, CCD and ...well I am sure I forgot something, you just need to say we are taking the night off. It can really bring a beautiful perspective to life.

Scooters and stroller in tow we headed off to Genuardi's to pick up something for dinner and made our way to Valley Forge. All I could do was smile when my three children ran off through the field to the picnic table. Reminded me of a "Little House on the Prairie" episode. We were able to just relax, eat and chat which seems to be a lost art in this day. The kids even shared their food with each other.

Then the scooters came out with helmets. It was wonderful to just see them have fun, for free at that. They were brave enough to go ahead but still cautious enough to circle back to me. No computers, phones or video games, just my family.

We have hit an age where faster is better, more expensive and new are the normal and technology is a must. It is really a disappointment when a family cannot have a conversation, take a walk or stay in on a Friday night and play a board game together.

Being out there with the kids and hearing them say "Thanks Mom" really can put things in perspective. As we head into the summer you will find us out and about much more. If it is raining feel free to stop in and join us for a game or movie.

Life already goes by so fast... I plan on making memories everyday that my children will look back on and just smile and laugh fondly. If the kids end up saying "That was our crazy Mom... " it will be all the better.