Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Birthday Present

My Birthday Present

I am most fortunate to have everything I could need or want. It’s not the material possessions that matter. I have the most incredible friends and family I could want, friends that I can call at anytime of the night or day if I need to laugh cry or talk, excited or upset.

For my birthday I ask that you go out and do something for someone else. Smile at someone, just say hello, or pay for the person in the drive thru behind you. You never know whose life you may touch, change or soften. Just make someone elses day better for no other reason than you can.

We all have problems or issues in our lives. When you’re having a bad day just remember there is always someone in a worse situation, take it in stride and move on. Learn what lessons you can from negative things and use them to make you that much stronger of a person. Some days are harder than others but there is always a good one right around the corner.

So, Happy Birthday to me and about 10 others that I know of that I share this great day with!! Have a fabulous new year, I know I will!