Monday, July 19, 2010

Dating in the 21st century

I never thought that I would be 36 and in the dating world again. At first, just the idea of it was scary. Then, the thought that no one would want me because I have three children was petrifying. Another problem, I am not and have never been a bar scene type girl. So, with all of this, where in the world are you supposed to meet someone?

Yes, I tried meeting people on my own but with it all being new to me I think I was to focused on it and needed to just relax. I got an email one day about a dating web site and thought well, I definitely have nothing to lose. Let me tell you… there are some nice people and a whole lot of strange ones. Beware of the people that tell you how in love with you they are after a couple dates, or have you meet their parents or children.

Then, there is all the technology we have these days. It may make a lot of things in life easier but dating is not one of them! From cell phones and texting to IM and Facebook, whatever happened to talking on the phone or better yet in person? I don’t mind a text to say hello, I’m running late or I got home safe but I refuse to have an in depth conversation that way. Really, grow up and leave that to the teenagers.

The funniest thing that I have found is that some men are intimidated by strong women. Chivalry isn’t completely dead. Yes, please open the car door a couple times. Maybe even a pretty flower for a surprise, no more roses please. Just an FYI, it is not okay to send a lady you have just started dating anything from Victoria Secrets, at all. I don’t need to have someone, I would like to have someone that I can share new experiences and life with. I am very capable of taking care of myself and am not a damsel in distress and would like that to be respected.

Last but not least, yes, I like to work out. I love to run, lift weights and push myself to the limit. It is a new found passion that I pursue every moment possible. A “man” told me girls don’t do pull-ups or lift weights. I don’t think he could even buy a clue.

Now, I just live and love everyday with passion and joy and laugh at the experiences I’ve had. I’m positive I will meet that person who will make my life “complete”. Sure some days are harder than others but without a challenge life wouldn’t be worth living….