Monday, August 16, 2010

Why I Crossfit

Why I CrossFit

I have gotten many comments asking why I talk about CrossFit and working out so often. Why have I taken up running and yoga and finally, why do I post so often about it?

I was very unhappy with myself and what I had let myself become. Feeling tired was actually me just feeling and being lazy and even depressed. I used the excuse of not having the time, but always had the time for meetings, events and anything anyone else needed. My longtime friend, Jen was telling me about CrossFit King of Prussia where she and her family go, so I signed up for a free trial class and absolutely loved it. The energy Aimee Lyons had and the mini workout we did were awesome!

Was it scary to walk into classes not knowing anyone? Yes, it was, but the people are so friendly and welcoming that it is so much more than a gym. It is truly an extended family where everyone is proud of you and your accomplishments and wants to see you succeed and improve.

Does it work? Yes, one year later I am down two pants sizes and 17 pounds. I run, jump, lift, row, etc…. and am having an incredible time doing it. I have an optimistic attitude and the courage to try things I would have never considered in the past. I took the 30 day challenge and have completely changed my diet for the better. I love it so much that I joined a second box. I saw that CrossFit Delaware Valley had yoga so I signed up to try it out. From the moment I walked into CFDV, Rob Miller, the coach’s and members, introduced themselves and welcomed me, making me feel like I belonged and I was hooked. Having the flexibility of two schedules has helped me so much with my children’s crazy activities and making time for myself.

I do post a lot about it and some I’m sure get annoyed. I have gotten emails and calls from friends telling me that they have started walking or running and they love reading what I am up to because it inspires them to get up and get it done. That alone makes everything I write worthwhile. I know I have a ways to go and much to improve on, but, I also know that I will do it.

Want to get started? Tell me where and when, I’ll meet you there, work out with you and be your biggest cheerleader. Ready?

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Love is never perfect, nothing is. Love to me is admiration, compromise, understanding, a new sense of happiness and being open to changes in your life. I have found new strength in ways I never imagined and have an entirely new outlook on life and what it is about. After watching the movie Eat, Pray, Love… I think the end hits home personally. Where there is a new balance in life and letting someone into that balance seems impossible, but, in order to have love you have to be willing to offset your balance and let someone into your heart and life. I don’t think that I am there yet but it was eye opening to see. One day I will be and I look forward to having those feelings again and accepting them.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

School Board Appointment

Last night, for the first time I had the courage and belief to put myself out there as a candidate for the Upper Merion School Board. I truly believe in the school district and the principles for which it stands on educating our children to the highest possibilities and giving the children the tools they need to be successful in life.

I was extremely dismayed by what I was a witness to. I am not so na├»ve to believe that politics wouldn’t come into play but I did think that integrity, promise and involvement would matter. I was appalled by Mrs. Kellett’s statement that “the appointed position is only a little more than a year.” As to say who cares and what are they really going to accomplish in that time. Attorney Morello’s comment after being asked what the candidate has done for the community, he has lived in the district for 33 years and owns a business in the district and employees people in the district. Well, I have 3 more years of residency and own a business in the district as well. If these are the only qualifications needed we could have a plethora of under qualified candidates there.

I understand why this was so politically backed with the referendum that will be coming out on the ballets. We are in desperate need of not only renovations, but a new school as well. Obviously, our reputation precedes us and our township is growing by leaps and bounds and we have the responsibility to keep up with it.

It is not that I wasn’t chosen that bothers me, it is that the person who was I don’t believe was the best choice for the job. I am not saying anything derogatory as I do not know him and he may be a lovely person. My issue is simply that it should be the best person that fits the position that is appointed. This will not deter me in any way from continuing to be involved and help in every way possible.

Hopefully, I will have your vote in the spring. I look forward to your help and encouragement in bringing our district to even higher standards of education for your children and mine.

On a side note: I have only included specific names and statements as they can be verified since this was a public meeting and will be aired on the school district channel. It is not to disrespect them in any way. These are who people voted for and those people deserve to know the truth.