Saturday, November 5, 2011

Maura Buri for School Board - Qualifications letter

Hello, my name is Maura Buri and I am writing to you as a candidate for Upper Merion School Board Director Region 3 – 2 year term. I am a lifelong resident of our township and a graduate of Upper Merion Area Schools and now have 3 children in our school system. Times have changed and the demands are greater at a much younger age. We need representatives who will give our township’s children an opportunity to learn and excel at everything they do as well as someone who understands that we live in difficult economic times. As someone who owns my own business and is a single mother of 3, I feel the impact that taxes have on our families and guarantee to look into options and be prudent before spending your taxpayer dollars. I look forward to listening to your input and ideas because school board directors are a voice for the entire community. I would like to see all kids involved in either clubs, activities or sports and being an active member of the community. We also need to have a zero tolerance, strictly enforced bullying policy.
My background and life experience fully qualifies me for service on the school board including:
• PTC President and Corresponding Secretary for four years;
• Big sister in the Big Brother/Big Sisters program for four years;
• Volunteering for Senior Citizens through Mid County Senior Services for five years;
• Created and designed a children’s arts and crafts program at my church;
• Taught religious prep education for five years;
• Girl Scout leader for five years and Service Unit Manager for three;
• Volunteered and ran every event at my children’s preschool; and
• Initiated the Upper Merion Fit Fest which is currently going into its fifth year.

People have asked me why do I want to serve on the Upper Merion Area School Board? There’s no pay. It takes a lot of time. It can be very frustrating. The answer is simple: I believe in giving children the best opportunities now for a successful future and am willing to give of myself and time to see that happen in our community.
Feel free to ask me with any questions you might have and my contact information is listed below. Please vote for not only myself but for Team Focus; a team of parents focusing on the success of the children. Please get out the vote on Tuesday, November 8th. I hope to have your support.

Maura Buri
610-476-9787 cell