Friday, November 26, 2010

I am Thankful for.....

I am thankful for…...

.every challenge and obstacle that has made me a stronger and more confident person.
.all of the wonderful new friends I have met and all of the old ones that I am fortunate to have in my life.
.my beautiful, thoughtful and gorgeous children who drive me bonkers and brighten my every day.
.the home we live in although very messy at times, it keeps us dry, safe and warm.
.the families that entrust me with their babies and in turn gives me an income to provide for mine.
. my health that keeps me going and lets me keep up with my children.

Next year I think I will have a Thanksgiving breakfast…. That way more people can come and visit. To many times it’s just immediate family that you see on a holiday. I’d like to enjoy it with friends as well. After all, they are my extended family. I don’t need the whole turkey deal to enjoy the day, it’s who you are with that counts. Hopefully you will be able to stop in!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may you be truly grateful for all you have in life.

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